About Cisco Steel
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About Cisco Steel

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Our History

Founded in 1960, CISCO has always been family-owned and operated. Steve Leavell and Don Leavell were working under their father Mike Leavell when he passed away in 1975.  For the next 45 years, they took the company and made it an industry leader in the DFW & Greater Texas areas. Mark Hestwood joined CISCO in 1997. He brought in a fresh approach to estimating and project management. Chase Leavell joined in 2000, began in sales, then moved into accounting, and is now heading up production control. Don retired in 2020 and Steve in 2022. Mark and Chase formed a strong bond over the years and have purchased the company with the mindset of continual improvement and remain one of the area’s leading steel fabricators.

Building Excellence, Shaping the Future: Cisco Steel – Your Trusted Partner in Structural Innovation.

Cisco Steel is a well-established company with a strong reputation in the steel fabrication industry. Specializing in producing structural and miscellaneous steel components, Cisco Steel serves a diverse clientele across various sectors. Their expertise extends to various construction projects, from places of worship and educational institutions to industrial warehouses, retail centers, office buildings, and high-end residential properties. Cisco Steel is known for its commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, making it a trusted partner for projects of all scales and complexities.

Cisco Steel is a versatile and innovative steel fabrication company that caters to a wide range of construction projects. Their dedication to quality, customization, and project management, combined with their commitment to sustainability, positions them as a leading choice for structural and miscellaneous steel needs in the construction industry. Whether it’s a towering skyscraper, a tranquil place of worship, or anything in between, Cisco Steel is the trusted partner for turning architectural visions into a sturdy, enduring reality.

What we do Summary:

  • Structural Marvels: Crafting top-quality structural and miscellaneous steel for every project, from soaring spires in churches to towering office buildings.
  • Educational Foundations: Building the future of education by supplying steel components for schools, ensuring safe and inspiring learning environments.
  • Industrial Strength: Supporting efficient logistics and warehousing with robust steel structures for industrial warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Retail Excellence: Creating attractive and functional spaces in retail centers with our precision-engineered steel solutions.
  • Corporate Landscapes: Elevating corporate headquarters and office buildings with strong and reliable steel frameworks.
  • Residential Elegance: Adding structural integrity and architectural elegance to high-end residential properties.
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